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Security at the Intersection of Professionalism and Technology — Global Connectivity, Local Expertise. Tailored Security Solutions for the Needs of Switzerland.
"In our role as experts of exceptional competence, our primary objective is to comprehensively protect our customers from threats on all levels through preventive measures and all necessary steps."
Siegfried Sokolovskiy,
President ZKM Swiss Protection AG, Biodinamics AG
Security Challenges
  • Requirements for the National Police
    To comply with UN guidelines, Switzerland needs nearly 7000 additional police officers nationwide.
  • Impact of Immigration
    Thousands of young men from Africa, Afghanistan, Turkey, etc., are coming to Switzerland.
  • Rising Crime Statistics
    In 2022 Switzerland recorded the highest number of violent crimes since its first measurements.
  • Landscape of Cyber Threats
    Increasingly acute cyber threats, frequent and widespread hacker attacks.
Switzerland can benefit from the experiences of international security experts by leveraging their longstanding expertise and proven practices in combating extremism and crime.
By exchanging knowledge and collaborating with our experts, Switzerland can optimize its security measures and better prepare for the constantly evolving threats.
About us
The core of our team consists of internationally recognized security experts who have worked their way up from police academy graduates to the highest positions as generals in the daily fight against extremism and crime.

We set new standards in the security sector with unique security innovations and special approvals.

Our security agents are largely made up of experienced former military and police officers who have extensive practical experience in dealing with real threats.

Electronic and cyber security are playing an increasingly important role in our field of activity, especially in the light of the growing importance of electronic security measures in today's digitalized society.

We have a wide range of unique and advanced technologies in the field of mechatronics and electronics. These enable us to develop customized safety concepts and protective measures for our customers.

With our extensive experience in the field of artificial intelligence, we are able to respond efficiently and highly professionally to new challenges.
  • Siegfried Sokolovskiy
    President ZKM Swiss Protection AG,
    Biodinamics AG, Gyrfos Agency www.gyrfos.ch
    Over the past 35 years, Siegfried has proven himself to be an outstanding specialist in crisis management and strategic security. His in-depth knowledge of managing complex industrial and infrastructure projects has enabled him to successfully manage economic challenges, ensuring stability and development in a dynamically changing environment.

    Siegfried has devoted more than 25 years of his professional career to the development of international cooperation and social and political activities, including participation in projects aimed at the education and cultural development of young people. This emphasizes his commitment to creating the conditions for the comprehensive development of the next generations and preparing them to lead in a complex world.

    Siegfried actively works to strengthen international ties and build bridges between cultures, applying his expertise to contemporary challenges, including security and stability. His work and commitment to security innovation have a significant impact on social and economic development internationally.
  • David Tsur
    Major General (Police) Ret.
    David Tzur is an outstanding expert in law enforcement and counter-terrorism, with extensive experience in international security, participating in key operations and missions worldwide. In Israel, David held several crucial positions, including Commissioner of the Tel Aviv Police, Commander of the Border Police, and Head of the Counter-Terrorism Unit Yamam, where he implemented advanced methods for combating terrorism and enhancing public safety.

    In his career, he has actively consulted on international initiatives aimed at strengthening global security. David Tzur led numerous significant missions, including planning security for the visit of Pope John Paul II to Israel, the Maccabiah Games, and the Olympic Games in Atlanta, demonstrating exceptional managerial abilities and a deep understanding of the complex aspects of international security.

    His insightful approach and strategic vision in national and international security matters have helped shape policies and practices that are now actively used by law enforcement agencies worldwide. David Tzur remains a sought-after expert and consultant, whose knowledge and experience continue to make significant contributions to the development of the security field on the international stage.
  • Eli Arazi
    Brigadier General (Police) Ret.
    Eli Arazi, former head of the Tel Aviv District Police, has established himself as a leading expert in international terrorism and crime. With over 30 years of experience in developing and implementing complex security projects and managing high-level police operations, Eli Arazi has built a powerful network of contacts with international security agencies, enabling him to successfully coordinate joint operations and information exchange on a global level. His significant contributions to counter-terrorism included a key role as a specialist in the Israeli National Counter-Terrorism Headquarters, where he applied his knowledge and skills to develop strategies to counter terrorist threats.

    Eli Arazi has also been actively involved in developing and implementing innovative investigative methods and preventive measures aimed at reducing crime rates and enhancing public safety. His strategic approach and deep understanding of the dynamics of international crime and terrorism make him a sought-after lecturer and consultant in the field of security.

    Eli Arazi continues to be an active participant in the international security community, sharing his knowledge and experience to train the next generation of specialists in counter-terrorism and crime prevention.
  • Isaac Azar
    Captain (Navy) Ret. Military & Maritime System
    Isaac Azar, a graduate of the Israeli Naval Academy, has over 25 years of experience in maritime operations, including conducting rescue missions and maritime construction projects. As an active reservist in the Israeli Naval Command, he specializes in counter-terrorism maritime operations and is a recognized expert in security systems for local communities and rural areas.

    In his professional career, Azar has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities, becoming the chairman of the security committee for the Sdot Dan Regional Council, which serves 170,000 residents. He developed and currently manages the entire security system for this council, ensuring the protection and safety of the population.

    With his extensive experience and deep knowledge in maritime security, Isaac Azar has significantly contributed to the development and implementation of innovative solutions aimed at enhancing the efficiency and safety of maritime and coastal operations. His professional approach and constant pursuit of improving security systems make him a valuable asset for any organization seeking to enhance its level of protection and emergency preparedness.
  • Zafrir Nir
    Brigadier General (Police) Ret. Border Military Police Forces
    Zafrir Nir, a retired Brigadier General, has an outstanding background in military and police activities. He served in the ranks of the Border Military Police and held several key positions, highlighting his significant contributions to Israel's national security.

    Zafrir was the head of the command of the Israeli Police's counter-terrorism unit, known as "YAMAM." Under his leadership, the unit conducted numerous successful operations aimed at preventing terrorist acts and ensuring public safety. His strategic vision and tactical skills significantly enhanced the effectiveness of counter-terrorism efforts in the region.

    In addition, Zafrir Nir served as the head of the Border Command for the Jerusalem District, where he was responsible for the security of one of the country's most sensitive and strategically important regions. His managerial abilities and deep understanding of local dynamics helped strengthen defensive measures at the borders and improve the safety of the population.

    Beyond his operational activities, Zafrir also took on the role of head of the Israeli Police Academy, where he made a significant contribution to training new generations of law enforcement officers. In this role, he actively developed educational programs, raised professional standards, and fostered a culture of continuous learning among police personnel.

    These roles underscore the breadth of his professional experience and deep understanding of national and public security issues, making him an outstanding leader in the fields of law enforcement and state protection.
  • Shllomo Shachat

    Captain (Navy) (ret.) Military & Maritime Systems
    Shlomo Shachat, a retired Navy Captain, is a recognized expert in military and naval systems. He has extensive experience in the military technology industry, particularly in the development of weapon systems and maritime electronic technologies. As the former head of the Development Department in the Israeli Navy, Shachat made significant contributions to the modernization of the naval fleet by implementing several critical defense technology projects.

    A graduate of the Israeli Naval Academy, Shlomo not only demonstrated outstanding academic achievements but also applied his knowledge practically by developing advanced counter-terrorism systems. His work spans a wide range of defensive measures, including the design and implementation of comprehensive coastal and maritime defense systems, significantly enhancing national security at sea.

    Through his innovations in electronic and defense systems, Shachat has greatly strengthened Israel's maritime capabilities by deploying solutions that enhance the readiness and responsiveness of the naval forces in the face of constantly evolving threats. This includes the development and deployment of integrated communication systems, fire control, and radar systems, improving coordination and control of complex maritime operations.

    Shlomo Shachat's professionalism and tireless work have earned him respect both in Israel and internationally, establishing him as one of the leading specialists in maritime defense technologies.
Technical Advisory Board
  • Iuri Zubarovskii
    CTO Biodinamics AG
    A technically skilled CTO with a diverse background in FinTech, Blockchain, and startup incubation, competent in full-stack software development, project management and creating business concepts.
  • Valentin Leinonen
    CPO, CMO Biodinamics AG, Gyrfos Agency www.gyrfos.ch
    Valentin is an experienced entrepreneur with over 20 years of professional experience. He develops user-oriented solutions, has outstanding analytical skills and adapts effectively to market changes. With extensive sales experience, he successfully manages commercial processes and implements innovative business strategies. Valentin remains calm and rational in crisis situations, minimizing risks and ensuring stability. He constantly strives to improve his professional skills and contributes significantly to the company's development.
  • David Kantorovich
    CSO Biodinamics AG
    Over a decade of experience in OT Cyber Security | Petrochemical sector - Cyber Security Director in the Israel Security Authority | B.Sc. in Physics.
  • Vladimir Minevich
    Project Manager Biodinamics AG
    More than 5 years experience in Information Security | OT Cyber Security Expert | CISO | Cyber Security Projects Management | B.B.A.
  • Viktor Egorov
    Cyber Security Expert & PM Biodinamics AG
    More than 6 years experience in Information Security | OT Cyber Security Expert | System & Network Expert | Cyber Security Hands-On | Fortinet Expert | An expert in checking compliance with cyber conditions for obtaining a poison permit from the Ministry of Environmental Protection | National Security Officers Course.
  • Naor Haim
    Cyber Security Expert Biodinamics AG
    More than 10 years experience in Physical & Information Security | OT Cyber Security Expert | CISO | DPO | B.B.A.
How we work
Comprehensive Assessment
  1. Evaluation of existing security measures to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the overall situation, including the existing security system.
Analysis of Internal and External Risks
  1. Assessment of internal and external factors that could pose potential risks to your organization.
  2. Selection of necessary materials to enhance your security strategy.
  1. Providing a comprehensive report with objective conclusions.
  2. Evaluation of identified weaknesses and practical recommendations for their correction.
Development of a Security Concept
  1. Our experts work closely with you to develop a personalized security concept.
  2. The concept aligns with your requirements and the latest global developments in security.
Implementation and Continuous Support
  1. The implementation of the security concept is accompanied by recommendations and support throughout the process.
  2. All necessary measures are taken to ensure the long-term effectiveness of all security measures.
  3. Foundations for expanding the concept are created for the future if needed.
Monitoring and Analysis of Potential Threats
  1. The threat situation is continuously monitored.
  2. Current information on emerging risks and vulnerabilities is provided.
  3. Advanced developments and analysis methods are used to stay one step ahead of potential security threats.
  1. The right security philosophy in the organization significantly contributes to reducing the likelihood of unwanted incidents.
  2. Information on the situation and the possibility of conducting self-analyses is provided.
  3. Comprehensive training programs for the qualification improvement of the client's staff are offered.
Incident Response and Recovery
  1. In the event of a security incident, our experienced Incident Response Team will quickly and effectively handle the situation to minimize potential damage and promote swift recovery.
  2. We will work closely with you to develop an incident response plan tailored to the needs of your organization.
As outstanding experts with first-class competence, we strive first and foremost to protect our customers comprehensively against threats at all levels by taking preventive measures and all necessary measures.
For over 20 years, our specialists have been reliably protecting public facilities of strategic importance, including water and energy supply centers, both nationally and internationally.
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